Global Adjustment

How Ontario Global Adjustment Affects Your Business​

At Fit Solar, we can help your company rediscover its own relationship to energy-saving strategies. This not only helps you save money but pushes your business into a new era of advanced technology and leadership.

Our work starts with understanding what the Ontario Global Adjustment is. In short, the Global Adjustment allows Ontario-based energy customers with a load of more than 500-kw to pay a fee based on their percentage contribution to Ontario’s peak demand hours. This presents a serious opportunity for the energy-savvy business leader.

With Global Adjustment, your company stands to make considerable savings over traditional energy costs. That is if you can manage your energy during those peak hours.

Many companies that participate in The Industrial Conservation Initiative’s Ontario Global Adjustment program know how to make the most out of these savings. Our team has been working to ensure that Ontario based companies have the cost-saving energy solutions that they need.

When your business participates in the Global Adjustment program, you can stand to save considerable amounts of money on your energy costs, but only if you know how to minimize your peak hour energy usage. In the industry, we call this coincident peak shaving. This allows your business to continue to meet your energy needs without having to use more peak-hour energy.

How does this work?

Our consultants are able to analyze your company and find the areas of improvement that will save you money in the long-term. Energy costs are one of the hardest aspects of overhead to pair down. Over the years, you could lose large amounts of potential income to energy overhead mistakes. Our team can ensure that your energy strategy is optimized for your profits.

If you’re ready to make the most out of your company’s Global Adjustment, get in touch with us today.