Ontario Electricity

The Software Powering The Future of Ontario Electricity

We haven’t just designed cutting edge battery systems for our Ontario electricity needs, we’ve also created powerful software that ensures both success and savings.

The programs that run our Fit Solar energy storage systems give you all of the information you need to stay ahead of the curve. When you need to cut down your Global Adjustment "Class A" costs, you need an energy system that gets you off peak hour energy usage.

The software behind our battery storage technology puts the control right into your hands. Our technology integrates Building Management Systems and Environmental Monitoring System Platforms into one easy to use program.

This suite of tools makes sure that the battery system maintains optimal power cycling and storage. You can rely on this technology to ensure the longevity of our systems. Here’s just a glimpse at the tools provided in this software package:

  • Analytic Information

  • System History and Information

  • Maintenance, Calibration, and Security Features

  • Easy to Use Configuration Manager

  • And More

The future of Ontario electricity is going to be shaped by these advanced energy solutions. Not only can your business save on your Global Adjustment "Class A" charges, but you can take pride in helping bring our community into a new era of energy.

Contact our team today to learn more about the software controlling tomorrow’s energy needs.