Battery Storage

A Modular Battery Storage Solution That Meets Your Needs

Your business needs a modular battery storage solution that responds to your needs and saves you money.

Our battery energy storage systems do just that. When your company starts searching for ways to lower your energy overhead costs, you can turn to Fit Solar for the solutions that you need.

It all starts with an expert assessment conducted by our team. We build your battery system to meet your needs. Our modular battery system is fully customized to your location and your company.

Each of our systems comes fully equipped with the technology needed to support battery storage. Our technology comes integrated right into your existing energy systems and features reliable and safety-forward features including:

  • Climate Control

  • Fire Suppression and Safety Measures

  • Full Climate Insulation

We have designed our systems to be a perfect match for the Toronto area. Our battery storage system can easily stand up to hot and rainy summers as well as icy winters. You won’t have to worry about a heatwave or a cold snap taking your energy system down when you work with us.

In order to ensure that your battery system is up and running for years to come, our installations come with expert service. Our crews can be sent out to your location for repairs and maintenance to ensure that your company can always rely on the peak hour energy savings that battery power can supply.

It’s time your company was powered by the latest technology. Let us help you discover just how much a customized energy solution can save your business.

Our team at Fit Solar is here to provide Ontario companies with the energy solutions they need. Let’s get your company a battery energy storage system that saves you money and brings your business into a new era of energy independence.