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Fit Solar

We now provide Energy Storage

"Ask system operators almost anywhere in the world, and they’ll tell you that their top priority is to balance electricity supply with customer demand on a minute-by-minute basis, while at the same time ensure that those electricity flows are within the capability of the system to carry it."

We offer the support and technical expertise to help businesses across Ontario reach their energy managment goals. We work with the IESO and the local hydro companies to help you realize the many benefits from using energy wisely.

Every  company's energy profile is different, so too are the ways to manage electricity costs.  We will carefully assess your current hydro costs and implement a long term strategy to help you benefit from a custom battery storage solution that fits your  goals for saving power and dollars.

Having the right electricity pricing information at the right time can be a competitive advantage for businesses that are looking to manage their bottom line. 


Fit Solar was established in 2010. Since then we have developed and maintained large scale rooftop solar PV Systems and proudly continue to operate several solar projects that we call our own. Among many accolades in the past decade, we were the first company to implement the first grid-tied solar connection in the City of Brampton - and we presently own and operate close to 1MW of green energy production throughout the GTA.


Fit Solar is excited to announce a major expansion in our suite of services...

Energy Storage Installations and Maintenance Services. 


Why Fit Solar?

  • Fit solar will manage all aspects of energy storage development and operations to significantly lower commercial and industrial customers’ electricity bills. 

  • Our Innovative Battery Systems are a crucial strategy to decrease operating costs for your business. 

Invest in Control 

Fit Solar will help you gain control to help you reach your

energy management goals in reducing your Global Adjustment costs.




Batteries are  paving the future as a replacement or in conjunction for older, less clean inefficient systems such as generators and gas engine motors.

Energy Storage

Global Adjustment (GA) was established by the Provincial Government in 2005 to cover the cost of providing adequate generating capacity and covering the cost of building new electricity infrastructure in the province, as well as delivering Ontario's conservation programs − ensuring that enough electricity supply will be available over the long term.


All Ontario electricity customers pay for global adjustment.

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